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What dryer should I buy? This is the question that we have tried to answer in the best possible way in this article. Today, many investors are interested in the dried fruit production industry because this industry can be very profitable, but it should be It should be noted that in order to succeed in this job and business, you need to know the best dryers and use them properly, but we need to know what these features include in order to make a good income from this. The way to get, but we need to know these features of the deviceBuy a dryer Features needed for a dryer Fruit dryers must have systems that control temperature, time and humidity. Humidity control Humidity control is a very important thing in drying fruits and everything else because in principle Drying means applying methods to reduce the moisture content of food and using humidity control sensors with the least tolerance. Of course, it should be borne in mind that these sensors should be installed where the humidity can be measured By the sensorIn general, as a criterion for measuring the moisture content of the fruit, the air conditioning system of the dryer. In addition, in these cases, the dryers must have suitable air conditioning systems so that the flow line can be precisely controlled inside the devices to Measuring the air flowing inside the machine around the fruits so that the dried fruits are not uniform, because if the fruit dryers do not dry the fruits equally, some fruits are wet and some are large. Dried fruits with moistureOver time, they will become moldy and the fruits will dry out or burn on the move, which is why the type of air conditioning should be advanced and use airfoil to control the flow direction and prevent the separation of the flow near the fruits. How to work with dryers About Tom Sanat Hegmatan Company Tom Sanat Hegmatan is one of the leading companies in the field of production and manufacture of fruit and vegetable dryers with industrial and home applications, with a decade of successful experience and services such as providing 18 months warranty and 10 years after-sales serviceIt has a special place in the food industry equipment industry. Meeting the demands and needs of customers and at the same time reasonable price, has always been one of the concerns of this group, in this regard, the company has always made efforts to provide Special services for starting businesses are considered. Special services of Tom Sanat Tom Sanat Industrial Company, a manufacturer of all kinds of fruit dryers with the highest possible quality, which has created conditions for you dear ones to be able to spend one of the lowest costs of one of the These fruit dryersTake the next step in setting up a dried fruit industry. Prepare fresh and high quality fruits to produce high quality dried fruits. If you choose the wrong fruit for drying at this stage, it may cause you a lot of damage, but by buying Full industry machines no longer have to worry about this, because when we sell, we promise to be your helpers in all stages of production and sales. In cities you canIt is important to note that the more fruit stalks can be removed, the more profit can be made, but this is not the whole story. Maybe we can get fruits at a cheaper price than other places, but it is important. We have chosen a good time to dry this fruit. This is something that requires the experience of people and those who have been active in this field before. Tom Sanat Company is proud to be able to have all its experiences, including how to buy fruits, time Let us buy fruits for youBut again, in order to succeed in this field of work, we must know how to produce and dry fruits, in which Tom Sanat Company has been able to fully provide these issues to its customers by employing experienced and specialized staff. You will be able to Just by buying a machine from Tom Sanat, you can enjoy all our support from the time of buying fruit to selling dried fruit. Electrostatic paint kA factory with thermal insulation with xps with high density. Training and support in working with the machine for preparing fresh fruit and processing and selling dried fruits from zero to one hundred with a one-year unconditional warranty. Call us at 021-56443963 factory sales unit


360 centimeter


125 centimeter


210 centimeter


700000 g
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