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Spiral paste PLC

product code:Pak-6

  • color:
    Colorful (Mix)
    Colorful (Mix)
  • box numbers:
  • 1 batch : 1 piece

Price per piece : $ 4,523.49

Price per batch : $ 4,523.49

Latest price update: : 2020-02-06 12:47:39


Spiral paste is designed to blend fancy pastes that blend paste through a vertical spiral. This machine is designed and manufactured for analogue and PVC bread making, which is used in several different models and sizes for various applications including bulking and semi-bulking. Spiralized by dough, water and other dough ingredients blend seamlessly and give a special texture to the dough that enhances the quality of the bread.Location of mixing times Mixing of dough during idle time Mixing of dough in low weights Energy saving and Cartier dough uniform and quality Distinguishing: Use of electric locomotives in TurkeyDigital steel integrated in TurkeyTable to replace all parts using electric separator For boilers that allow left and right circulation. Power transmission system with special straps Ability to install plc control system For the main specifications of the machine, visit Pak Andishan Web site: www.pakandishan.comTEL: 044-33746097-98MOB: 09144458284? Channel: @pakandishan_tec? instagram.com/pakandishan_tec

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