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Shower bag and handbag
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  • 1 batch : 4 piece

Price per piece : $ 1.33

Price per batch : $ 5.33

Suggested price for retail : 2.33 $

Your profit from retailing this product : 1.00 $

Latest price update: : 2020-10-13 13:00:00

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The main material of the bag is made of first-class synthetic leather. The original leather design is made in Italy. It is used daily. The lock of the bag is of the rotating type. This product has 6 houses as follows: And a bank card is designed. A house under a locked door that is intended for important items that need easy access, such as telephones, cosmetics and very small bags. A zippered house behind the work to store medium items safely It is designed relatively high. Three houses: Inside, which are accessible after opening the main zipper of the bag, which is used to store other accessories such as documents, mobile phones and other items to a moderate extent. x It has 2 shoulder straps and a hand: a long double shoulder strap with a length of 143 cm, for comfortable and daily use in the douche mode. A wrist strap for use at parties and shopping, which can be separated and stored in the bag itself if not needed. x The fittings of this product have high strength and use smoky glossy glaze. The zippers of this product are metal design plastic, Note:It is possible that Serzip (appearance) will be different from the inside of the photo, but it will not make any difference on the quality of the product. Storage Just use a damp cloth to clean.


28 centimeter


10 centimeter


20 centimeter


450 g

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