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Set of two pieces of G5 code handle

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If you are planning to buy high quality, functional handles for moving hot metal or ceramic dishes, a skilled kitchen knife can be a great offer for you. The package includes two knobs. The 20cm length and handle allow you to easily and effortlessly remove hot metal, ceramic and even porcelain dishes from the oven or remove them from the oven and microwave. These handles in their proper size will prevent your hands from burning. Synthetic fibers are usually after contact with SAHot springs lose their resistance and burn. Ikia knobs are made of glass wool to prevent burns when exposed to hot surfaces. It is worth pointing out that placing the knobs on the oven will cause them to burn and burn in some cases, so avoid placing the knobs next to the oven flame. The oval stitches created on the knobs will prevent their fibers from moving and shaking. Hanging knobs on one of the wallsThe kitchen in addition to creating a beautiful appearance in the environment, you can access them more easily when needed.


20 centimeter


20 centimeter


1 centimeter


50 g

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