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Romali fuel supplement Pro model 12 pack

product code:Romali-123

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    Colorful (Mix)
    Colorful (Mix)
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  • 1 batch : 12 piece

Price per piece : $ 2.21

Price per batch : $ 26.47

Latest price update: : 2020-04-13 23:33:45

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This product is suitable for all domestic and foreign gasoline cars, which is offered online by Digi Kala online store. You can buy this product online while ensuring the guaranteed authenticity of the product by Digi Kala from a quick and affordable purchase. Convenient to use. Using low-octane gasoline can lead to premature combustion of gasoline in the combustion chamber. This can cause serious damage to the engine because it will reach the end of its path (high death point) before the piston reaches the end.The reason for the low resistance of gasoline to high pressure and temperature and premature combustion is to go back down, which causes shock (knock), especially in high-tech engines. If you look at the manuals of modern cars, especially turbocharged cars, you will see that the gasoline offered for these cars has a high octane number. Therefore, due to the low quality of gasoline in Iran, it is better to use octane booster supplements. Using a Roman octane octane booster supplement is a simple and inexpensive way toStrengthen the octane number of gasoline. Adding this supplement increases the octane number between 20 and 45 points, depending on the quality of the gasoline used. This product will help the gasoline to withstand more pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber and not burn itself before the spark plug burns. .


6 centimeter


6 centimeter


16 centimeter


262 g

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