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Roasted kebabs

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We have been asked to cook kebabs at home many times, but every time we think about the troubles of doing so, from charcoal preparation and the long time it takes to cleaning up afterwards, it deprives us of having a healthy home-made kebab. Kiobik model gas grill with heat transfer plates quickly turns any gas stove into a professional grill. And in fact, the distance to a hot, ready-made place is just enough to light the stove. The unique and innovative design of this product is such that by distributing the heat evenly, it not only causes flicker.The body of the kebabs is not cooked, but completely cooked. On the other hand, the plates of this grill are placed in such a way that it prevents the stove from getting dirty. With the grill plate of this product, you can easily grill and drink a variety of steaks, ‌ schnitzel, fish, shrimp and vegetables. Hot and toasted bread can also be prepared quickly. All barbecue parts are dishwasher safe, even in the dishwasher.


25 centimeter


20 centimeter


7 centimeter


1000 g

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