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Potassium sulfate fertilizer 50 0 0 MORESPRAY weight 1 kg

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Soloptas and its importance in the plant: activating more than 50 enzymes, making proteins, interfering with photosynthesis, regulating osmotic pressure, cell enlargement, stimulating cell division and growth, regulating the movements of the pores, helping to transmit breast milk, regulating anion balance And cation, increase water efficiency, increase drought resistance, frost and salinity, increase grain resistance to germination, help stabilize nitrogen in dark leguminous plants. Potassium K2O solution (50%) - SO3 solution sulfur (43%) Potassium and sulfur are the main nutrients needed by the plant, and their deficiency in the soil reduces the action.Kurdish and product quality. Soloptas with the ability to dissolve 100% in water can prevent and quickly eliminate the symptoms of deficiency of two elements, potassium and sulfur in the plant. Soloptas, especially at the end of the season when the plant needs less nitrogen, prefers potassium nitrate. On the other hand, the presence of chlorine in excess of the allowable level and the creation of salinity in most soils of Iranian regions, limits the use of potassium chloride fertilizer. The role of potassium in plants: activator of plant enzymes, metabolism of hydrocarbons and protein production, effect on photosynthesis, osmotic pressure regulation,Cell division and cell growth, opening and closing of pores, transfer of substances in drainage vessels, balance of anions and cations in plants, increase water efficiency, increase resistance to drought and salinity frost, increase resistance to plant diseases, increase resistance The plant helps with dormancy, helps to stabilize nitrogen in legumes and improves the quality of agricultural products.


1000 g

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