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Potassium nitrate fertilizer AYSA NPK 13 00 46 Weight 1 kg

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  • 1 batch : 10 Kg

Price per Kg : $ 1.59

Price per batch : $ 15.88

Suggested price for retail : 2.06 $

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Latest price update: : 2020-05-19 22:44:49


Potassium nitrate fertilizer contains 13% nitrogen in the form of nitrate and 46% potassium and can be used in the form of diet programs, in case of deficiencies and especially in horticultural, agricultural and greenhouse uses. This compound has a very high purity and can be very useful when the plant needs nitrogen and potassium at the same time. This product is among the highest quality ingredients containing nitrogen and potassium on the market. Nitrogen in fertilizer improves vegetative growth and its potassium in improving quality, increasing drought resistance,Salinity and pests and diseases are very effective. This fertilizer is a good combination to eliminate potassium deficiency at any stage of plant growth. This fertilizer is 100% soluble in water. This fertilizer can be used at any stage of plant growth.


30 centimeter


20 centimeter


5 centimeter


1000 g

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