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Pig design slide
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A baby slide with a pig design with a basketball hoop is a good choice for small spaces for children. This slide has a different appearance than other existing baby slides and is more attractive to the child and also has a longer sliding length. The length of the head of this slide is 145 cm. Its overall dimensions are 113x89x168 cm, which is suitable for a child's room or a small play area. The design of the slide slide is wavy and the number of steps is 4, including the body of the slide. The pig slide with a small basketball basket next to it, the head of the child for a longer timeKeeps warm so you do not get tired of playing with the slide. This product comes in a vacuum pack and installation is very simple after delivery and without the need for any additional tools. To secure the slide to the slide panel, you must also screw the retaining part under the slide bar so that the slide does not move with the child's movements. This slide is suitable for the age group of over two years and can bear a weight of about 40 kg. You can use this attractive and different product in your child's play area, play center or kindergarten.


168 centimeter


89 centimeter


113 centimeter


47 g

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