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Dimensions: 14x12x28 cm Application type: metal parts, rims, wax properties: protective, cleaning, polishing Properties: anti-UV, excellent hydrophobicity, car paint protection, car paint replacement, this product with the company's exclusive formulation based on nano emulsion of vegetable oils and Emulsion of colloidal polymers and nanoparticles is produced concentrated and cost-effective with high gloss and cleaning properties (consumption is 40 ml for each car, concentrated and 4 liters is enough for 95 cars) Protection of car paint and bumpers and partsZi and stick and plasticity Recover the car paint and prevent paleness, create antistatic properties and reduce dust absorption, protect the car body from abrasion and scratches, bird droppings and acid rain, anti-UV properties and excellent hydrophobicity. This product is also offered in a 4 liter bottle. Shake and pour some lotion on the surfaces of the car body and polish the car body with a suitable cloth or micro-damp cloth (preferably a special lint-free cloud to prevent the rejection of the cloth) and then pay with another cloth or lint-free cloth.Use a thick face or dilute with 80 ml of water and use. Note: Due to the nanoemulsions, keep them away from sunlight and at room temperature.


28 centimeter


14 centimeter


12 centimeter


4000 g
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