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NPK 20 20 20 fertilizer for houseplants weighs 120 grams

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If you are interested in flowers and plants and you care about their health and freshness and you are looking for a way to eliminate plant deficiencies, 20-20-20 Tetako Powder Fertilizer is the best choice for you. This powder fertilizer consists of three main elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, and the amount of each of these elements in this fertilizer is 20%, which is why it is called those three twenty. Faster, more greenery and photosynthesis and easier flowering. Stable balance of physical, chemical and biological processesK and proper management of its nutrients increases soil fertility and production capacity. The use of complete fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus elements compensates for the nutrient deficiency of soil elements for plants. Nitrogen: Helps with photosynthesis and improves crop quality, seed and fruit growth, faster growth of plant foliage are some of the benefits of using nitrogen. Phosphorus: The most important factor in the proper process of photosynthesis for the plant. Phosphorus also helps to root better and increase flowering. Potash: In ornamental plants it helps to flower and in trees it helps the fruit to grow large. CollectThese elements and other micronutrients such as copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and iron chelate in complete fertilizer, do not require you to consume other fertilizers. How to use: Inserted on the package.


120 g

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