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Magic Sponge

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Magic Sponge With its extraordinary water absorption power and more than ten times that of ordinary sponges, the magic sponge draws moisture in like a vacuum cleaner without even a drop of it dripping from it. Unlike conventional sponges, tearing, splitting, and linting are not seen due to the high durability of the magic sponge, yet it absorbs spilled liquids with force, removes dirt, and has excellent performance. Ideal for home, car, bicycle and regular cleaning uses. This magic sponge can also be used as a catchmentHe used a cleaning tool or even paint. Strong chemicals, salt water, etc. have no effect on it and can be used almost anywhere and with any cleaning agent. Unlike conventional sponges, the magic sponge surface is very soft and delicate. The material used in it does not damage any surface and is able to trap dust particles, hairs, hair and small debris and can be easily separated from the sponge surface with a rinse. The magic sponge can absorb up to 25 times its own weight in water, which it dries.Laying on the surface and cleaning wet surfaces is ideal. Just put it on the spilled liquid and press the sponge. Even if the sponge is released, it absorbs more than half a glass of water like a vacuum cleaner. The magic sponge is very effective in places where there is too much moisture and water. It also shows excellent performance in common applications. It can be used to clean cabinets, wash dishes, dry tables, collect liquids spilled on ceramics, and clean children's dirty work. SoIn short, anything that can be done with a regular sponge can be done ten times better with a magic sponge, because the super-absorbent magic sponge is so powerful. Absorb a lot of fluids without much effort, just by putting a magic sponge on it and putting a little pressure on it. Whiteners, salts, acids, soaps, bleaching powders and any detergent cannot damage it. Use any detergent or disinfectant safely. Durable. It has a much longer lifespan than conventional spongesD. The material used in it is not worn, worn, torn or fragmented, and retains its original shape for a long time. High cleaning power. The special material used absorbs the dirt only by pulling the magic sponge on it, and then a clean and dry surface is obtained. Easy to wash. Unlike conventional porous sponges, a simple rinse removes all the dirt that is absorbed into the sponge. This property prevents the accumulation of mass and dirt in the sponge. Resistance to microbes. The magic sponge against fungi and germsAre resistant. And if not used, it dries out and prevents the growth of germs and fungi. Also, by washing the dirt that the sponge absorbs, it will come out and will not be used in the next use. Use wet sponges such as other napkins and sponges for wet cabinets and small dirty work. Moisture and dirt are absorbed only by pulling the sponge on it and the surface dries quickly, after which you will have a shiny surface with no residual water droplets. By pulling the spongeOn the surface, dirty particles are absorbed and trapped in the snout. During cleaning, ‌ Continuous pulling of the sponge from one side to the other, for example from left to right, will work best. To absorb large amounts of liquids such as defrosting A freezer, a spilled glass, or a wet bath will result in a slightly different technique than a standard cleaning. The downward pressure on the top of the sponge prepares it to suck. When you release this pressure, the sponge begins to absorb any spilled liquid with high speed and efficiency.The snuff increases its speed, and the spilled liquid can be collected until the sponge is saturated and filled with water, and finally the collected liquids can be removed by pressure. Use color. Dip the sponge into the paint and lightly paint the surface of the sponge. Apply the paint with calculated and uniform movements, and then you will get a smooth and smooth surface without lines and flaws. The color is evenly distributed and unobtrusiveYou won't have to worry about brush lines, thin stains, or uneven end surfaces. You don't need to use a pressure and suction technique to dry surfaces that are just a little wet, and you only have to pull the sponge once. Your body, windows, mirrors, plastic surfaces, and all parts of your car can be easily cleaned and dried with a magic sponge without leaving a trace of water droplets or damaging the color and surface of your car. To do this, continue cleaning in one direction and by cleaning in long paths, remove all moisture fromRemove and let the surface shine. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your magic spell. And to use it, you have to moisten it again. When the magic sponge comes out of the package for the first time, it is a little wet and has a soft texture and its surface is soft and delicate. You can keep it in a sealed container or zipper, always bKeep this method. By doing this, the magic sponge is always ready to help you in times of crisis and dirt. Before storing in a container or zipper, you need to make sure that it is clean to prevent unwanted growth of fungi and bacteria caused by moisture and dirt remaining. You can always keep it dry. Its dryness has no effect on the durability or performance of the snuff, only moisturizing it before use is essential. You just need to soak the sponge in water for about a minute before using it to go from hard and dry to dryIt should be soft and soft at first. Always moisten the sponge slightly before use to soften it. Otherwise, the desired result will not be achieved. Choose a more durable comparator with which it is easier to work and get better results. This amazing sponge can absorb liquids faster and more efficiently than a regular sponge, and is made of a material with a higher durability. Its smooth surface helps it move easily on any surface and collects all particles and contaminants in its path. The magic sponge contaminatesIt clears spells, but like other porous sponges, it doesn't store them. This means that no abrasive particles such as sand and other wastes will remain after use, so it will not be possible to scratch the surfaces you clean next time. It is resistant to chemicals and can be washed hundreds of times for reuse. Because the materials used in it are very durable, you can repeat your shape or performance again and again without getting worn out.Use a sponge is an incredible tool that can replace paper towels on towels and make it easy to wash dishes or defrost refrigerators. You can take the spilled beverages out of the carpet or furniture or home appliances and trap them in the sponge to return the spilled liquids to the sink without dripping. When you press the sponge in the sink, a surprising amount of fluid comes out of it like a river, and you wonder how that amount of fluid is stored there. SpongeMagic can be a useful tool for applying paint, staining or polishing surfaces evenly and comfortably. The smooth surface and excellent absorbency allow it to be coated on the surfaces without stains and give a better appearance after drying. Change your sponges frequently and do not dry the spilled liquids with a cotton towel . Conventional sponges die quickly due to poor materials, but this product also provides longer life while being more efficient. When you choose a more durable and effective product, whileIt also saves annoying time and money. With the use of the magic sponge, your toilets and kitchens will be unique and your car will look like a car show car. You can easily clean and dry spills and prevent disasters during overflows. Magic sponges are a great way to get rid of clutter, so parents of toddlers, pet owners, professional cleaners, and almost anyone can afford it.Feel the magic of a sponge.


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