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Langa wall umbrella lampshade
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product code:bamboujan-00402003

  • 1 batch : 5 piece

Price per piece : $ 19.60

Price per batch : $ 98

Suggested price for retail : 23.60 $

Your profit from retailing this product : 4.00 $

Latest price update: : 2020-11-09 00:29:05


In Bamboo workshop, different types of lampshades have been produced, of which Choghaznabil lampshade is one of these products. This product is made of bamboo and natural fibers, it induces a very good feeling to the viewer and is a suitable option for lovers of handicrafts and traditional style. Wire size: 70 cm Lighting variety: LED Easy installation on the wall.


55 centimeter


55 centimeter


35 centimeter


1200 g

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