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With the help of 36 pieces of different devices of the human body, this game provides learners with a puzzle in order to learn the organs of the human body in a concrete way and through the game. For this purpose, in this guide, explanations about the function of the internal organs of the human body have been provided to the learners. This product consists of 6 layers, in which the different devices of the human body are arranged (assorted) on a plastic base. Objectives:- Familiarity with The function of the internal organs of the human body - familiarity with the devices (systems) of the human body (skeletal, respiratory,Digestive, muscular, urinary, cardiovascular, nervous and muscular or (muscular) - Getting to know how to take care of the body - Getting to know the useful and harmful things for the body - Creating interest and motivation to pay attention to the body parts - Getting to know the location of the organs ¬s in the body - increasing children's vocabulary - facilitating learning, age group: 9 years and above


40 centimeter


15 centimeter


5 centimeter


250 g
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Human body matching educational game از تامین کننده تکنولوژی آموزشی فکور | امتیاز 0 از ۵ ( تعداد نظرات : 0 نفر )
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