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Grenade Shaker
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Latest price update: : 2020-10-06 15:22:04

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Grind design body shaker Major wholesale Grind body shaker (grenade design) The most special design of sports shaker - Body material of compressed plastic shaker - Free of toxic substances (BPA FREE) - With leak-free cap - Tube opening with fully secured door - Capacity 0.6 Liter - graduated body - available in three colors (black - jade green - crimson) Grind body shaker has one of the most special designs among sports shakers. This shaker has a capacity of 600 ml and is used to mix bodybuilding supplements. The lid of this shaker is closed in a screw and there is no leakage of threadHe promised. The mouthpiece of this professional shaker closes with a fully secured door. The body of the grenade shaker is made of compressed plastic and is completely free of any toxic substances, and you can safely mix and consume all kinds of sports supplements. Pharmacies, sports equipment stores, fitness clubs and companies. Supplement manufacturers are looking to buy bodybuilding shakers in bulk. Gisha Sport online store specializes in wholesale bodybuilding shakers. Types of internal and external body shakersIt is available for sale in bulk and in large numbers. This shaker can also print your favorite logo, and pharmacies, supplement companies and fitness clubs can print their logo on this shaker for advertising and branding. .

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