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Fe AYSA iron sulfate fertilizer weighs 1 kg

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  • 1 batch : 10 Kg

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Complications due to the deficiency of this micronutrient can be seen in most products in most parts of Iran. Consumption of iron sulfate as a fertilizer along with sulfur and thiobacillus bacteria improves plant nutrition and can eliminate iron deficiency in the long run. Iron is naturally present in the enzymes of plants. The presence of iron is vital for chlorophyll production because its deficiency causes yellowing of the leaves. Iron-enzyme enzymes to himCytochromes play an important role in plant respiration. It should be noted that the element iron is absorbed by the plant as a ferrule (Fe + 2). Note: The use of this substance for one to two years prevents the deficiency of this vital element and its excessive consumption is not recommended. It should be noted that the use of this micronutrient with animal manure, especially in the root zone. Increases its efficiency. Caution: Do not spray iron sulfate during flowering and early fruit formation period.Observation of iron and dry iron sulfate with 20% of iron completely soluble in water is produced and supplied in crystalline and powdered form. Comments from experienced experts and engineers of Jihad and Agriculture Organization of your region.


1000 g

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