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This jigsaw puzzle consists of a plastic plate and 32 pieces of cardboard with pictures of different animals and their products (cows, sheep, chickens and ostriches). It also helps to strengthen the child's imagination. While playing with the child, talk about the benefits of living and the type of animal feed, and this will at the same time cause love and affection for animals and the environment.Distribute them. In the form of a game contest, a child's sister who completes the puzzle will win faster. The color of the plastic screen of the submitted goods will be green or blue. Objectives: - Increase children's vocabulary - Teach proper behavior with animals - Eye and hand coordination - Develop fine hand (finger) skills - Develop visual perception skills - Develop accuracy and concentration and thinking skills such as recognizing, remembering, adapting, sorting and solving copperله


40 centimeter


15 centimeter


8 centimeter


200 g
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Educational game about farm animals از تامین کننده تکنولوژی آموزشی فکور | امتیاز 0 از ۵ ( تعداد نظرات : 0 نفر )
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