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Complete fertilizer AYSA NPK 20 20 20 Weight 10 kg

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  • 1 batch : 2 pack

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Price per batch : $ 35.18

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Latest price update: : 2020-05-08 14:28:33


NP K 20 -20 -20 powder fertilizer provides the main elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needed by the plant with a completely balanced combination. This product is considered a general fertilizer and its use is possible for all plants in all stages of growth. It is acceptable. N P K 20-20 -20 -20 powder fertilizer with amino acid and all micronutrients provides many plant needs. Also, this product with its balanced formula of growth rate, Improves product performance and quality. This product is not deposited in fertilizer tanks at all due to 100% dissolution.AYSA-N P K 20 -20 -20 fertilizer eliminates the deficiencies related to each of the main elements and minimizes the consumption of basic fertilizers. Also, this type of fertilizer does not contain chlorine. , Sodium and heavy metals. AYSA-NPK 20 -20 -20 fertilizer can be used for irrigation water use as well as foliar application.


10000 g

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