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Bridal wall hanger

product code:SOORAYA-935

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    Colorful (Mix)
    Colorful (Mix)
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  • 1 batch : 4 piece

Price per piece : $ 5.88

Price per batch : $ 23.53

Suggested price for retail : 8.82 $

Your profit from retailing this product : 2.94 $

Latest price update: : 2020-04-08 12:34:02

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The flatbed requires less than 50 cm. But with this little space and using the rope and spring system of this product, you can hang 12 meters of clothes. This product has two parts, body and clamp. By connecting these two parts to both sides of the wall, whenever you need to hang clothes, Soraya Port has 4 strings of 3 meters of high quality rope, which is opened and closed using a special spring. The sofa strap can be installed in small spaces such as terrace, bathroom, kitchen and 2. If with clothes hangers and metal and heavy meshOverall, this product does not have any of these problems. - Easy to use. - Very stylish and luxurious. - Has a Persian installation guide. - The body is made of PVC, which is resistant to sunlight, wind and rain. - Can be used inside or outside the building, such as terrace, bathroom , Kitchen, balcony, etc. - After using the straps, they are assembled automatically and do not take up any space in the house.

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