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Benser Aloe Vera Levina Glycerin Soap 120gr
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This soap with aloe vera extract is effective for treating burns and due to its moisturizing properties, it is a moisturizer with an extraordinary effect on the skin. Aloe vera extract is effective in treating skin cracks and dry skin, especially eczema around the eyes or very sensitive skin. This soap, by delivering more oxygen to the skin cells, repairs the skin tissue and prevents skin aging and wrinkles. The extract of this magical plant reduces the intensity of skin pigments and causes skin blemishes to fade and can also eliminate blackheads.د. Also, this soap increases the skin's ability to absorb moisture and makes the skin supple, so it is the best moisturizer for the skin Type of soap: Solid Suitable for: all skin types Can be used for: face, body Vitamin:


17 centimeter


7 centimeter


120 g
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