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Bag instead of Klein Holder mask
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product code:Clean Holder-14

  • 1 batch : 5000 piece

Price per piece : $ 0.10

Price per batch : $ 510

Latest price update: : 2020-10-31 16:13:36


Mask holder is a very beautiful, small and ergonomic bag for holding a face mask. When you do not need a mask, but you do not know where to put it to avoid contamination, if you have this practical and small bag with you, easily fold the mask and put it inside and put it in your bag or pocket. Made of FDA-compliant latex HDPE sheets without contaminating or bending the mask. This bag is resistant to detergents, resistant to traction and impact and is environmentally friendly.Flammability, impact and rupture


21 centimeter


14 centimeter


1 centimeter


12 g
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