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Atlas travel wood stove

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Lighting a fire on a trip is one of the best memories to remember. This pleasure will be more pleasant if it is accompanied by a smokeless fire and the possibility of cooking. The wood-burning stove makes it possible to light a smoke-free fire from pieces of wood in nature and cook at the same time. Due to the effective design of this stove, a 1 liter kettle boils in just 6 minutes. The method of operation of this portable wood-burning stove is that after lighting a small fire inside its chamber, it can be installed through the side cavity.Ten on the body added new firewood. The presence of this hole in the bottom of the stove body makes it possible to provide sufficient and suitable air for burning firewood and to bring a smokeless fire, as well as the possibility of adding new firewood easily. A special stand is placed on top of the stove so that the kettle, pan or frying pan can be heated and the fire cannot be extinguished. With the help of this travel stove, it is possible to create a suitable fire to create a pleasant and warm heat without endangering nature.Art had to prepare tea, drink tea and cook. Due to the design used in this stove, it is also possible to use small firewood and wood. The closed walls of the oven compartment also allow the fire to be lit when the wind blows. When the wind blows, it is possible to control the amount of heat produced by adjusting the inlet opening with the direction of the wind, so that if the wind blows directly towards the opening, more air will be burned and the speed of burning and consequently the heat generated will increase. If the opening is in the opposite direction of the windLess air is burned and less heat is produced. In any case, due to the air route to the fire center, we will always have a smokeless fire. The entrance opening is made in such a way that it can be removed after use. By placing the inlet opening inside the oven compartment, the dimensions of the package become smaller and it is easier to carry.


17 centimeter


17 centimeter


26 centimeter


840 g

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