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Amos One 50m Boston Women's Roll Mom

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    Colorful (Mix)
    Colorful (Mix)
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Amos One's Mam Roll or Deodorant is designed and formulated for men and women in 10 different fragrances according to the different physiology of the body, which has its own advantages and advantages over the types of mam available in the market. , The possibility of allergies for people is eliminated by using anti-inflammatory substances, the use of allantoin in Mammal Amos One, eliminates inflammation and redness of the skin and prevents skin sensitization. Zinc and sodium are used as softenersThe skin peeling of the area is used. Vitamin B5 in the product of this vitamin is used topically to strengthen the subcutaneous layer of the skin and thus maintain its consistency and elasticity and prevent wrinkles in the area, as well as this vitamin along with the ingredients. PCAs have a lightening effect on the skin. Amolus One roll rolls, despite the presence of aluminum chlorohydrate, stimulate sweat electrolytes and can block the outlet ducts of the sweat glands. Closure of the sweat duct outlet prevents fluid from leaking out of the glandsThe set is cleared. This aluminum salt has an astringent effect on the sweat ducts and causes the ducts to contract and prevent sweat from reaching the surface of the skin. Closing a large number of sweat glands reduces the sweat produced in the armpit area. The Amos One van without parabens, which is one of the preservatives found in some antiperspirants and ointments, is an estrogen-like activity. It builds up in the body's cells, but the FDA has stated that paraben-containing products should be avoided and replaced with skin-friendly compounds.Because it uses phenoxyethanol and ethyl hexyl glycerin.

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