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The presented product is Alvand model, which is a combination of 3 mil and 6 mil wood. It has unique features: One of the features of this product is its unique interior design. The interior design of this box has caused its internal dividers to be changed in more than 15 different modes, and the customer can arrange it according to his taste, and it is a suitable place to place tea bags, coffee mix, hot chocolate, gapuccino, nuts. , Nuts, chocolate, snacks, etc. At the bottom of the box, a drawer measuring 18x16 has been installedIts internal toxins are also mobile and can be changed into 5 possible modes. The top view of the lid of the box is made of glass and the contents inside the box are visible. This box is produced in dimensions of 12.20.25 cm and weighs 800 grams. It is possible to engrave the logo, company name, and the desired text on the box for promotional and occasional orders and gifts. This product is available in four colors: dark brown-light brown-crimson-hazelnut.


27 centimeter


22 centimeter


14 centimeter


900 g
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