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AYSA kiwi fertilizer weighs 1 kg

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Effects of Deficiency of Low Consumption Elements in Kiwi: Small brain elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, berry, copper and molybdenum are introduced when the plant is well supported in terms of nutrition of high consumption elements and for a good, quality and mobile production. By consuming high consumption elements, low consumption elements show their effect. Feeding of kiwi trees begins with the application of chemical fertilizers after fruit harvest and continues until the beginning of the flowering period next season. Potash fertilizers, phosphates, and low-consumption elements can be consumed after fruit harvest before the start of annual growth. FertilizerNitrogen plants are also used in the kiwi garden in 4 stages until the beginning of flowering, after the beginning of root growth and in installments. It is better to use phosphorus and potash fertilizers once a year, in autumn or winter. But nitrogen fertilizer should be used in three stages, respectively, the first time 15 days after the start of plant growth, the second time after flowering trees and the third time in September. In some conditions such as unbalanced consumption of nutrients, high pH Soil, the efficiency of absorption of some elements, especially low-consumption elements such as iron and manganese is reduced. For optimal use,Fertilizer application through foliar application is essential.


1000 g

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