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AYSA cotton cultivation fertilizer weighs 1 kg

product code:Tetaco-2042168

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    Colorful (Mix)
    Colorful (Mix)
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  • 1 batch : 10 Kg

Price per Kg : $ 1.50

Price per batch : $ 15

Suggested price for retail : 1.88 $

Your profit from retailing this product : 0.38 $

Latest price update: : 2020-05-10 23:31:11


The formula of the proposed cotton fertilizer has been prepared by professional and experienced experts and after a complete study of the nutritional needs of the cotton plant in experimental plots. This special compound, by preventing the uncontrolled growth of foliage, reduces the height of the plant and thus changes the plant's natural balance towards reproductive growth. Because cotton is sensitive to magnesium, iron and calcium deficiency. In this combination, these elements are considered more than usual. Considering this issue and adding seaweed, this combination is unique to increase the quality and quantity of this product.


1000 g

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