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ABS Arisan_Rua Lahijan brake disc ispco

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The brake disc is a circular piece in the wheel section that stops the car when braking. This piece has a certain lifespan and with the end of this time, it no longer has the efficiency of the past. This piece is directly related to the other two pieces. One of them is the wheels that move together at the same time and stop together. And the second is the brake pads. By pressing the brake pedal by the driver, a conflict is created between the pads and the brake disc, and in this fight, the discs rotate at a slower speed. When the speed is whyThe sharpness of the discs comes down and the speed of the wheels slows down and finally they stop completely. If the brake disc does not do its job properly and does not perform well, the car will not perform well when the brake is applied and the possibility of damage will increase. Production under ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and ISO / TS16949 approved by DQS Germany - Grade A holder of Sapco and ISACO - manufactured from first-class raw materials and certified mechanical and chemical properties of the product from reputable third-party laboratories - compatible with all water conditions andAviation available nationwide.


30 centimeter


30 centimeter


5 centimeter


4 g

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