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The role of toys in the process of growth and education of children and adolescents is unknown. The important question is what kind of toy is better? A complete toy or a device that your child can build and play with ?! There is no doubt in the latter case the attachment to the device is greater. In addition, various aspects of the child's and adolescent's learning and hand skills are reinforced. Royin Pouyan Iranian (nimble) is a manufacturer of high quality intellectual toys and steel structures for children and even adults. Nimble steel structures, toolsThey are educational, scientific, engineering and entertainment. These tools reinforce different skills by combining game and engineering. Playing with clever products enhances the memory, focus and learning power of the engine and creates an in-person engineering vision. It also enhances skills such as hand-eye coordination, mechanical skills, and more. Nimble products can also have a good impact on rehabilitation and helping older and disabled people. Nimble Toys Category: Nimble Structures come in three categories: Challenge Set: This set includesThe varieties are relatively simple to make models. It is recommended for those who are just starting to get the experience of working with nimble building toys. Attempt set: In this set, the number of pieces is more complex than the challenge set and the models are more complex. However for the variety, simple models are also included in the collection. The purpose of this series is to acquire more mental and manual skillsCreating innovative models. Mutation sets: The models in this set are more complex and longer than the previous two sets. The collection focuses on creating professional and special models. The purpose of this set is to develop the mental skills to design and build innovative models.

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