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Karun Mobile Trading Company was registered in the form of a special corporation in the year 3 and started operating in the field of distribution of telecommunication products (telephone cards, internet cards, etc.). It represents the largest Middle East operator (first mobile) in year 2, and the company has achieved the following achievements through the year: * Year 1 - Receiving First Rank of SimCard Activation Percentage Among All Representatives in the First Mobile Plan * Sally - The premier distributor of SIM cards in the family design * Year 5 - The top distributor of Youth Initiative SIM card * Year 1 - Coverage; DistributionMajor supplier throughout the country * First and third highest distributor of SIMCAR among the first 5 mobile agents And after gaining years of success in the field of mobile operators since the change in the strategy of the company, we decided to change the way we offer our services and enter the world of Iranian elites and intellectuals a new step in supporting Iranian growth in the business markets and Let's talk about new domestic and foreign work. We work for our Iran

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