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Yazdgol Industrial Complex, consisting of three production units of Yazdgol, Mahtab Plastic and Rado Negro Desert since 1991 (1991) started its activity in the first unit (Yazdgol) to produce different types of melamine containers and with remarkable success in the market and Customer demand and demand quickly set up its second production units (Mahtab Plastic) and third (Desert Radiant) in the field of production of plastic containers and products. Currently, these three production units are on a multi-hectare large-scale overnight facility. One day (three shifts) working and paying attentionEqual to investors and factory unit management, the complex is named "Yazdgol Industrial Group" and all manufactured goods are marketed in all three units under the "Yazdgol" brand. The goal of YazdGolf YazdGol Product Group is to combine quality, beauty and durability with the ability to respond to the demands of today's competitive marketplace using the best possible methods. Attention to creativity in all aspects of technical, product design and production has made YazdGol brand a modern and innovative brand. Yazdgol as a wolfCreative-centered and well-known industry, certified by national standard of Iran and manufactured by Ministry of Health and Medical Education, has always tried to design and produce quality products and various goods to satisfy and support its customers. Yazd Production Company Certificates Global Quality Management Certificate from UK 1997 Comprehensive Business Management Certificate from Spain 1998 ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate Consumer Protection Certificate. Standard Sample Unit Certificate, InstrumentMann Industrial Research and National Standard of Iran Certificate of Sample Technical Responsibility from Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Kitchen Accessories

Iranian's Yazdgol 200 liter water filter
Iranian's Yazdgol 1.6 liter flask
Iranian's Modern pitcher Yazdgol
Iranian's Yazdgol 6 person picnic set
Iranian's Yazdgol ring tray
Iranian's 0.6 liter flask

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Baby & Baby Supplies

Iranian's Baby Bowl
Iranian's Melamine baby service

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