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Yadak Kar Co. is active in the field of importing world-class spark plugs, oil and gasoline and oil supplements, brake pads and bush wiper blades, ... Updates. Our goal is to create customer satisfaction and increase sales of partners with high quality products at reasonable prices

Candles and wires

Iranian's Standard Iridium Laser Base Conical Candles
Iranian's Platinum Bush Double Platinum Candles Platinum
Iranian's Single pile of Russian bush
Iranian's 21 Denso wrench for use
Iranian's Dansu Japan Short Needle Base Candle

Oil, filters and fluids

Iranian's Octane booster american booster
Iranian's Toyota Original Engine Oil 5W30 (Toyota Made in America)
Iranian's Motor Oil Super 5w30 USA
Iranian's American Walnut 5w30 Oil
Iranian's VIRA OIL FREEZER (Highest Score in Iran)

Car maintenance and cleaning

Iranian's Washing the fuel system and catalyzing America's honor

Mechanical spare parts

Iranian's Flosser German Fuse
  • Flosser German Fuse
  • Quantity in pack: 50 piece
  • Price of one piece : 0.13 $
  • Price per package : 6 $
Iranian's Original Renault L90 timing belt kit
Iranian's Nutritious Bush Design Gas Station (Made in China) Grade 2
Iranian's YAPIMSAN low end starter motor handle

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