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Smart Voltage Protector Model WI-P2 is a smart voltage protector with remote control capability. This device is provided by Winp and has two operating modes: network and local. In local conditions, it acts as a normal voltage protector, and in network conditions, it connects to the smartee application via Wi-Fi and via a modem, and the ability to schedule time to turn the device on or off, as well as Turn on / off will have a moment. This is one of the important featuresThrough the smart application, you can share the device with your family or other users and take control of the device. WinP voltage protector model WI-P2 has 4 power outlets that can be connected to ordinary plugs; All outputs are switched on and off together and the maximum current through this product is 10 amps and the maximum supported power is 2500 watts. This product has a unique design and high build quality and has acceptable security. Another feature of the device is thatIt is well resistant to temperature. The dimensions of this device are 300 × 80 × 47 mm and it has a cable length of 1.5 meters. Another important feature of the device is simple installation without the need for an installer, you can install and operate the device in less than a minute. You can install multiple devices at home, office or company and through a control application Kurds.

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