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Electromagnetic waves of communication devices are always around us and can endanger human health. In 2018, the Korean company wave defense unveiled its latest product. Manufactured products have the structure of absorbing electromagnetic waves and have a very long effective life, this chip absorbs electromagnetic waves. This smart chip absorbs up to 99% of the harmful electromagnetic waves produced by mobile phones and WiFi modems, microwave tablets, TVs, etc. from the source of its propagation, and when these waves enter the human body.They will have a much lower risk. The structure of this chip consists of three layers of silver-plated and gold-plated printed circuits with nanotechnology and is less than one millimeter thick. It is also covered with two flexible plastic layers for easy installation on communication devices. The unique features of this chip, including ease of installation, small size and light weight, have made it able to attract the attention of many users around the world in a short period of time. and overHome electronics can be installed in minutes. Anyone who deals with communication devices can use this chip. Wave defense has a valid certification from GLOBAL CERTIFICATION LAB USA and KANSAI ELECTRONIC CENTER JAPAN. Recommended to you.

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