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Production Company, Danesh Bonyan Alam Bavaran Aftab Lorestan is a manufacturer of products and technology in the industry of disinfectants and detergents. The company is able to produce and market a wide range of products related to increasing health safety. Alam Bavaran Aftab Lorestan Company today has a health license number 11299/48 from the Deputy of Food and Drug of the Health Organization and an exploitation license number 9148 from the Ministry of Industries and Mines and a pharmaceutical product code 4826384813584893 to produce and supply its products in different markets.Is. Alam-e-Bavaran Aftab Lorestan Company, with three faculty members in the field of management and also knowledge-based, is currently one of the producers of various hand and surface disinfection solutions and detergents in the country with modern technology and taking advantage of the capabilities of specialists. Its expert in producing all kinds of disinfectant solutions and detergents with the highest quality has started its activities since 1398 in Khorramabad city located in Lorestan province with the outbreak of Corona virus. The company due to the high production capacity with the best quality compared to supplyThe needs of many pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food and various companies in terms of quality throughout Iran in the form of bulk and bulk and the readiness to conclude a contract to provide disinfectant and detergent solution to various organs to meet their health needs.

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