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Sun Poon Production Group started its activity in 1981 in the field of weaving and production of children's woven clothing called Pooneh. Due to the production of various attractive and quality products, from the very beginning, it made a name for itself among the manufacturers of children's clothing. This production group has also added the Seven (7) brand to its product portfolio since 2005. Subsequently, since 2009, under the new name of Seven Poon, it has been producing products in various sections of infants, children, women and men. From 4 decades of brilliant experience in the Iranian clothing industry and withRich in new ideas and designs, Veteran is a veteran manufacturer of clothing for infants to teens, as well as men and women. One of the most important advantages of Sun Poon products is the wide variety of products that cover all the needs of the family at all ages. Also, in order to achieve its customer-oriented goals, this production group puts the desired quality of products at the forefront of its work The use of raw materials and fabrics with natural fibers is another advantage of Sun Poon products.is

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