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Behrouzi Food Industries, with more than 30 years of experience in the country's food industry, located in industrial town No. 2 of Ardabil in a completely sanitary environment with an area of ​​4 thousand square meters, produces and processes products such as: peeled barley, flaked barley, and bulgur barley. Peeled wheat. With the best quality in the country, all kinds of legumes including: premium lentils of Ardabil and ... seeds such as 100% special lasered flax seeds and bulk mung beans ... directly and without intermediaries from the farmers of Ardabil province, with Equipped devices include: several full lines of peelersCereals, specialized Bujari, a complete line of cracked grain production, a complete line of color sorting or a laser machine, a complete line of 900g and 400g packaging with the brand of white grain Golasa, etc., equipped with microbial and chemical laboratories with a manager. The technician and expert in charge of the laboratory is ready to provide services to respected customers and companies with national product standard licenses and health manufacturing license and Sib Salamat badge for all manufactured and processed products.

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