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Azin Plast Saba Co. is a manufacturer of nylon, nylon, shearing and bubble nylon films. Azin Plast Saba has been working in the field of polyethylene industries for many years and has been providing services to the manufacturing industries of the country and has always been dedicated to providing appropriate services. And the quality as well as the efforts of its executives and staff have been the pioneers of the industry so that at present Azin Plast Saba employs about 68 staff, one of the largest and most renowned companies in the field of bubble nylon, plain nylon and printed nylon. Is and is nowThe company is also a major supplier of automotive companies, Iran Khodro and Saipa, as well as their subsidiary companies and other manufacturing industries.

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Iranian's Bubble wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Quantity in pack: 100 Kg
  • Price of one Kg : 0.73 $
  • Price per package : 72 $

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