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The brand - ROUGJ Italy - started its activity in 1987 with the production of efficient products of plant and natural origin, and over the past 30 years in terms of quality and quality has been able to lead cosmetic health products in numerous European pharmacies. . And this lead is due to the provision of quality products that are made of high purity natural materials. Rougj's success in producing the best quality skin, hair and beauty products lies in highly efficient tests with the highest quality. Because the goal of ROUGJ is to create beauty andProtects the natural beauty and health of skin and hair. Rougj Laboratories has formulated its cosmetics products with highly efficient and high-tech tests and standards. ROUGJ brand has a favorable position in the international arena due to its highly advanced research and development departments, and now in Iran it is ready to cooperate and provide services to respected doctors and all those who care about their skin, hair and beauty. And they respect their fellow human beings. It is worth noting that: - None of ROUGJ products are allergenicare not. - All ROUGJ products have a natural combination with the skin. - These products have been evaluated and approved in practice in the best European universities. - All active ingredients in ROUGJ products are taken from natural and plant sources. - ROUGJ products are strictly controlled for nickel and cobalt, chromium, paraben and any other substances that are harmful to humans and are formulated according to the highest European standards. ROUGJ production line machines from the most advanced materials and with the highestTechnology are made. Also, all harmful minerals and destructive ions have been removed from the water in the compounds of ROUGJ products. - ROUGJ products do not contain any abnormal substances that are harmful to the skin and hair.

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