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Nourang Broadcasting Center started its activity nearly 50 years ago and is still proud to serve the noble Iranian people in the field of paint and resin as well as all the essentials of art. This complex started its activity in supplying and distributing construction paints and today it has become the largest distributor of paint and resin in Iran with over 50 famous brands in Iran and around the world. The activities of Nurang Complex are briefly as follows: Distribution of various resins and epoxy resins Distribution of various building colors Distribution of colors and putty OhAutomotive Manufacturing and Blending of Diverse 200,000 Color Colors Training in Specialty Paint and Resin Classes Implementation of Resin & Wood Workshops Import and Production of Apulsion Resins and Related Essentials Broadcasting Polishing and Waxing with Worldwide Brand Producing and Distributing Brand Arco Famous & Exports to Over 16 Neighboring Countries Broadcasting Art Products Featured by Iran & the World Today Nurang Collection employs more than 30 direct and indirect staff and extensive distribution organization as one of the strongest broadcasting complexes in the world. Introduce all over Iran. Through a series of resin training and free consultations, the complex has proudly been able to solve many of the noble citizens' problems and has made significant contributions to beautifying the city, home and Kashan.

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