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Pazelkadeh is a producer of all kinds of intellectual, educational and foam toys and 3D puzzles for all ages in Iran. Our history: Pazelkadeh started its activity in Mashhad in 1388 under the management of Ali Ghaemi. Taking care of psychological and movement issues, learning And education, fun and creativity are the basic principles of this production group in the supply of toys and intellectual games. Our products are based on puzzles with the aim of entertainment, education, creativity and friendship between parents and children. and mental creativity in childrenand adolescents and increases the power of visualization in children, which has a significant impact on learning lessons and raises children's IQ. These products are made of "EVA" foam and have the following characteristics. Completely hygienic and without risk, in accordance with the spirit Happy and attractive children's colors, various designs, resistant and durable, safe and style, Puzzlekade's slogan: Let's think about the creativity of our children, Puzzlekade online store, puzzlekade.ir

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