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Pouyan Bizowax is the producer of the best type of refined wax in Iran, which has a very acceptable quality compared to imported and Chinese samples. Bizox wax is widely used for the production of cosmetic products such as ointments, lipstick, hair oil, perfume, as well as skin moisturizer, eye shadow and eyeliner, hand and face cream, hair cream, application wax, etc. ☑ Guaranteed quality of Poyan Bizox products ☑ Removal of heavy metals ☑ Removal of agricultural and plant toxins and pests ☑ Submicron refinement ☑ Excellent quality with analysis sheet ◙ Bizox sale in granular formand mold and in yellow and white color ◙ retail and wholesale sale at special price ◙ cooperation with cosmetics manufacturers and industrial bizox sellers ◙ excellent quality with analysis sheet ◙ completely competitive and immediate price ◙ shipping to all parts of Iran possible ⚪ Sending samples to all of Iran ⚪ To order the product and to know about the working conditions, please contact us ⚪ Buy the best industrial bizox from us ⚫ For consultation, contact the following number 09144272057 ⚫ Tabriz, Pasdaran Highway, Atlas Street, Serahi Shahriar, No. 2

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