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Apparel 7000 After years of activity in the field of Apparel and with the aim of business prosperity in the country, began production and distribution of clothing to Iran. Since its inception in 2013, the company has started its business of importing women's clothing directly to Fasa and has been selling wholesale clothing under the brand name 7000 to meet the needs of its customers. It is not the trust and cooperation of the customers and with the support of the customers, it will increase the quality of its service day by day.A high and growing garment is the season's garment. Apparel 7000 produces and distributes the best quality of clothing based on the Iranian color and taste, according to the needs of its customers according to the needs of its customers. Expectations of clothing customers are not just about reducing costs, all women clothing retailers across the country are trying to buy the most fashionable models of their season as quickly as possible. Today, with the rising costs, no clothing buyer can be informed daily about the high variety of a garment manufacturer and the in-person variety of hairstylesJude will buy. Therefore, with the advancement of science and the Internet and mobile phones alongside them a reputable clothing wholesale site can greatly assist clothing retailers across the country in making a complete and safe purchase as well as keeping up with the latest apparel of a clothing store season. Be it.

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