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Manufacturer of versatile cleaning fluid House Salt Glass - Car Salt Glass with High Defrost Power - MDF Cabinet Dishwasher Sink Gloss 1) Contains 12 chemical raw materials with purity above 98% with separate and combined chemical effects 2) Contains environmentally friendly water-based raw materials 3) Free of toxic, harmful and allergenic substances caused by chemical raw materials such as potash and caustic soda 4) No adverse effects on its healthSun (especially children) or the environment 5) Contains detergents (surfactants) that are effective on all types of pollution and dirt on the glass 7) Prevent freezing and damage of the wiper blade 8) Prevent sediment or moss inside the water tank and water spray nozzle9) Clean the glass washer circuit 10) without staining the car window 11) Prevention of corrosion of sensitive equipment and parts due to the presence of PKX compound 12) No corrosion effects or any cavitation on plastic parts and interfaces 13) Creating compound effects due to the chemical reaction between the components and the raw materials14) Contains natural pigments with antiseptic effect 15) has stability (durability) and long-term effectiveness; Suitable for any weather conditions (STP)

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