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Part Rubber Industrial Group started working in 1985 with the establishment of the first company of the group. This large industrial complex is currently playing a role in the country's economic arena with more than 3,500 employees and in the form of more than 16 independent industrial and service units. A diverse basket of products and services, including rubber and plastic sealing tapes, rubber shock absorbers and shock absorbers, low pressure hoses, plastic fuel pipes, molds, tools and industrial machines for rubber and plastic, paints, resins and solvents, All kinds of body insulation and mastic, plastic parts, etc.It has a major share of the car market and other key industries in the country. Our team has been constantly working to continuously upgrade technology and technical knowledge, pay special attention to research and development, focus on localization and take advantage of world-class production standards, and has placed us among the leading industries in this field.

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