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Zanjan Pak Oil Co. manufactures Pakoplas brand cleaning products as follows The company's products include: 1. No need for hand cleansing cream 2. Spray cleaner for office machines 3. Spray for cleaning and protecting wood and MDF 4- Spray for cleaning and protecting natural and synthetic leather 5. Spray ceramic cleaner 6. Wallpaper Spray Cleaner 7. Spray cleaner for steel and valves 8. Copper Cleanser Spray 9. Spray Cleaner & Dashboard Protector 10-Spray Car Body Cleaner 11-Spray CleanCar rim supplier 12. Spray Cleaner Spray

Cleaning and dusting

Iranian's Wallpaper Protective Cleaner
Iranian's Powerful cleanser, gloss and protective steel and valves
Iranian's Powerful cleaner for office car protector
Iranian's Strong cleaner, shine and ceramic shielding
Iranian's Powerful wood preservative gloss cleaner and MDF
Iranian's Powerful cleanser for protective leather
Iranian's Copper Protective Shine Cleanser

skin care

Iranian's Hand Cleansing Cream
  • Hand Cleansing Cream
  • Quantity in pack: 24 piece
  • Price of one piece : 1.36 $
  • Price per package : 32 $

Car maintenance and cleaning

Iranian's Powerful car body cleaner protective gloss
Iranian's Powerful cleaner for car rim protection shine
Iranian's Car Rubber Protective Shine Cleaner
Iranian's Powerful glitter cleaner and dashboard protection

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