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Manufacturer of Disposable Vegetable Containers in Iran Company Kimia Chemie Zagros is the largest disposable vegetable container manufacturer in the center of Iran which was developed and developed in 2010 near Shahrekord. Today there is no doubt about the harmful effects of foam and plastic food containers on human health, in addition to being highly damaging to the environment. Vegetable containers are one of the best ways to prevent these two damages. In Iran, oil, gas and petrochemical industries are pioneers of disposable vegetable containers. BecauseThey are considered to be applicable to HSE protocols. Zagros Chemistry Chemistry Zagros is proud of being one of the suppliers of vegetable containers for these industrial plants in the oil fields of Zagros and has helped develop and increase health and environmental lovers. Alchemy Zagros' Pyramid Container can now supply a significant portion of its needs directly and at a very affordable price to the oil and gas and petrochemicals catering and restaurants, while at the same time focusing on a culture of health and environment. Helped. HopeBy expanding these links, we will help strengthen the domestic production chains of industrial, design and economic dimensions, and be proud of Iranian environmental health.

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