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Khorasan Industrial Instrumentation Company It has the official standard of Iran and the international standard of ce and ISO9001.2008 standard, as well as the MBA management certificate Experience its infrastructure since 1351 in the field of services and optimization of various machinery for food and chemical industries. Now the company has more than 35 years of experience and the use of experienced technicians and experts in the field of machine production, production lines and packaging of compotes, canned food, jam, honey, pickles, olives, olives, mayonnaise, ketchup. , Puree of fruit and fruit juices andThe packaging lines of factories and production workshops have been able to gain a good position in the domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, we claim that our products are competitive with similar foreign types in terms of quality. - It should be noted that the company has the ability to serve the manufacturing plants from the consulting stage to the start-up, spare parts and warranty time of production and issues related to the products, and all the products of this company have Long-term warranty and 10-year after-sales service support.

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