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The chef is a versatile new invention with no similarity in Iran, has been around for over a year, and because of the lack of specific promotions it is not yet popular and few people are familiar with the product, overseas similar to this product Unique, similar devices are far less efficient, and the versatile chef is also registered with PCT (International Patent and Trademark Certification). Inside the pot and the first class granite pan, the flame-thrower, there are other hard drive parts, the hard driveDice is America's technology and is known throughout the world for being healthier and more resistant to heat due to the lack of layers and coatings and the release of harmful ions when cooking. .. The machine is fully manufactured domestically and all its parts are manufactured in Iran, generating employment for 157 people in 9 factories. One of the goals of the company is to patent and sell the product outside of Iran and for this reason even the smallest parts are of the same quality and are completing the process onO exports to Australia and Russia. Licensed by: Standard Organization for Food and Drug Administration of Ministry of Health Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Iran and holds a patent certificate

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