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Alborz Plast Mafaqi Company in 2005 with the aim of providing a suitable environment for designing and executing day plans, producing all kinds of door and door containers for packaging all food, tableware and food shield in different designs and sizes as well as single food products. With the brand of grandmother and according to the requirements of customers in accordance with the world standards has started its activity. The company is proud to provide customers with advanced machinery and efficient power by providing a variety of pet containers for food packaging.have given. Customer Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction The main purpose of this product line has been and continues to be. The company, which manufactures disposable sanitary ware, began manufacturing activities to meet local needs and enter the region's competitive markets. Manufacturing the best products using state-of-the-art technology and the use of the highest quality raw materials has been a special focus of collection management on R&D as well as market demand and customer satisfaction. Alborz Plast is now successful with the launch of its new devices this year1396 has achieved a very high production capacity to meet the needs of its customers. This collection has been able to present a new definition of export of single-use polymer products by providing high quality, variety and high volume products, in a way that the countries of Babaslam Industrial Zone of Baghri Shahriar with the products of this company and other reputable companies in the field of production of disposable containers. Consumption is known as the one-time consumption of our beloved region and country of Iran. Obtaining ISO Certificate 2008: 9001 - 10002: 2004 - 18001: 2007 - 14001: 2004-ce and ims another stepSuccessfully respecting consumer rights and promoting the quality of Alborz Plast's production and service. This complex has created entrepreneurship for more than 50 compatriots and all the staff and staff of this complex have worked with a firm dedication and admiration to improve product quality at Alborz Plast Successful Customer Satisfaction The complex is about to take action and also the preservation of nature and natural resources, which is the greatest asset of any nation, is one of the most important issues to be addressed by the esteemed management of this complex.That's right.

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