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Khorshid company started its activity in the field of self-sufficiency in the production of non-stick containers since 2001 and with more than a quarter century of experience in the production and sale of non-stick containers continues to move forward in developing new products and offering more services. Accordingly, while formulating a 10-year outlook, strategic planning and meticulous planning are needed to increase domestic and foreign market share and maximize customer satisfaction. The company aims to achieve these goals, training and upgrading the knowledge and motivation of its employees, using modern machinery.Beyond producing quality products as well as analyzing data, it has put processes and continuous improvement at the forefront of its activities to achieve its goals by satisfying customers including producing top quality products, timely delivery and reasonable prices. In order to achieve quality products and satisfy customers, besides using new technology and high technical knowledge and using the best raw materials in the world, this company has equipped its quality control lab in software and hardware and in addition to materials control Inputs and Products, FryNed controls its production carefully.

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